It’s Like Riding a Bike…with Raleigh Bikes

You know how the old adage goes…it’s like riding a bike, and does that saying sure ring true!  Experiencing the thrill of riding a bike with Raleigh Bikes‘ freshly debuted and newly stylish “The Superbe” model has never been so sweet!

My bike riding skills and days have had a somewhat dubious past and I probably haven’t ridden a bike in about 3 years, maybe more — full disclosure: I didn’t even learn how to ride a bike until I was perhaps 7 or 8!  (I know crazy but I lived on a hill to be fair!)  So when I received this adorable and stellar bike from Raleigh Bikes, I was a little hesitant to jump right on and start riding, but once I did – you couldn’t get me off the bike — I was literally riding around the park singing and having a ball!  And of course it reminded me that once you learn you really never forget.

Partnering with Raleigh Bikes on their fashion inspired “The Superbe” bike was really inspiring and exciting!  There are so many emotions that surface when riding a bike: the pure joy of moving on wheels, the easy breezy air in your face, the slight sense of danger, and the fact that you can get to your destination faster than walking!  This particular model of Raleigh Bikes’ “The Superbe” is the perfect bike to get you back into riding.   It has all the quality features that a professional rider could want – with stylish flair!  An adorable bell to alert other riders you’re passing (or to use just to be kind of obnoxious!), quality gears, brakes, handles, and a spacious basket to carry personal items.  Raleigh Bikes really sealed the deal with me when I received my bike basket filled with rosé, a baguette, sunflowers and chocolate!  Raleigh Bikes, you get me!

Aside from the pure excitement I get every time I ride this bike, I also received so many compliments on the look and style of the bike.  This bike is a gem and perfect for riding around my NYC neighborhood for a fun afternoon.

I can’t wait for more adventures on this glorious bike (albeit with my usual cautious attitude!) and as Raleigh Bikes would say: “Let’s Ride!”


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Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Bikes

{Thank you to Raleigh Bikes for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.}

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