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Places to Eat in NYC: Bagatelle

Looking for places to eat in NYC?  Bagatelle is a fabulous option with gourmet food and a chic location and atmosphere. Truffle pizza -- absolutely perfect appetizer for a few people! Delectable beef brisket. Tuna tartare on a crispy potato. Pan seared scallops. Bagatelle's ice cream Sunday is bigger than my face, as you can see (clearly I'm not excited at all). I recently enjoyed a lovely night and a delicious meal courtesy of Bagatelle in the meatpacking district. Bagatelle truly delivered in ever way from the food to the ambiance.  It's a spacious restaurant in NYC's trendy Meatpacking district, think where Samantha lived in Sex and the City and where Ramona Singer and Bethenny  Frankel opted to brunch last season on the Real Housewives of New York City.  Bagatelle is where you go…

Red and Lacy in Michelle Mason

Michelle Mason

I recently ventured over to Brooklyn for a blogger brunch hosted by The Regal and Hooch and I couldn't resist wearing this red lace dress by Michelle Mason.  Yes, it's a bit much for brunch but I really wasn't too worried about that because a dress like this deserves to be worn anytime, anywhere! There are a few versions of this dress on the market -- but this exact version is a little hard to find.  Scroll down to see links to similar pieces and to see the rest of my look! Similar versions to the dress: option 1, option 2, option 3.  Boots: exact pair here, option 2. Hope Everyone has a great week!

The Ghost of Galliano

This article was co-authored with Matthew Rozsa.As the culinary world continues to be rocked by the scandal over Paula Deen's racist remarks, the fashion world is being revisited by a similar specter from its past - i.e., the ghost of John Galliano. The ghost has broken his silence. He's been torn down to his simplest form or 'Galliano in the Wilderness,' as Vanity Fair is choosing to call it.It's been about two and a half years since Galliano went on a hateful diatribe in Paris. Now he has broken his silence and has chosen to speak to the public who once relished in his genius.  This is the man who brought the fantastical feathers to his work and the chiffon cut on the bias.  The man who ended each runway show with a costume: he…

Patrick Carney’s Hilarious Rebuttal to Bieber fans #nofilter

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600.0"] The Biebs v Patrick[/caption] So apparently Justin Bieber fans and the Black Keys' drummer: Patrick Carney don't mix.  Patrick Carney has been poking fun at the Biebs via his Twitter and Instagram accounts by changing all of his pictures to a picture of Justin with his (Patrick's) face photoshopped on top of Biebers.  As if the photoshopped picture wasn't funny enough, the comment that accompanies his picture on Instagram is pretty classic: #nofilter.  Who needs a filter when the picture says it all?  Bravo Mr. Carney.  Bravo. 

Oscars 2013: Les Misérables or C’est Magnifique? I like to think the latter.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570.0"] Big Winners![/caption] My favorite night in Hollywood has come and gone once again, but not without its fair share of controversy.  After taking to my Twitter account last night to live tweet details of the show, I must take to my blog to rehash all the fun and cringe-worthy moments:1.  The Oscar's version of Dancing with the Stars.  Channing and Charlize dancing around Seth just looked like a really awkward three-way.  Also the jury is still out on the boob song: funny or low-brow comedy at its worst?2. Kristen Stewart.  Her crutches.  Her discomfort on stage.  UGH.3.  I feel like Jennifer Aniston got a last-minute call to come and present at the Oscars after the Academy confirmed Brangelina (and her right leg for that matter) wouldn't be there.4. Catherine Zeta-Jones'…