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Sunday Brunch in Periwinkle & Grey

Best Coffee in the Bay Area

In NYC I developed a penchant for brunch.  I think Charlie from 'Girls' gave an appropriate nod to brunch in the Girls series' finale when he snidely remarked under his breath: 'brunch.'  It's one of those activities that you want to steer clear of and go to a spin class instead but bottomless mimosas always win: always.  Since being back in CA I have brought my obsession with brunch along with me even though it's a little harder to track down here (i.e. hours are slightly limited and menus not as extensive).  But I'll find an egg, a mimosa, and a coffee on a Sunday if it's the last thing I do.  So I put on the perfect brunch outfit: a long form fitting skirt with a playful cutout, and a loose fitting collared top…