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Winter Ready

Winter Ready

New York City was very cold this past week and we got our first proper snowfall on Friday night, which means just one thing: Winter is here!  Yep, remember Winter?  She came late last year, but this year she's right on time and I for one am making myself winter ready.  An oversized scarf, like this plaid one from Banana Republic, is one of the many pieces that is keeping me warm this season.  (Also see booties, large coat, tights, and gloves!)  This particular scarf is rather large and allows you to wrap it around your neck multiple times -- adding some extra layers. I've also been looking around for another pair of booties to wear everyday (I am eyeing these Steve Madden ones), the ones I'm wearing in this look are from Reiss…

Re Your Holiday Wish List

your holiday wish list

  The holiday season is in full swing and as I noted in my last post -- my velvet crush is very real and it has been a staple of my holiday dressing.  Holidays are not all about parties and velvet dresses (well actually they are) but they are also about gifts and presents.  Let's be honest, everyone's always like "it's the season of giving" but aren’t you really more concerned with what you're going to receive this year (rather than give)? I know we've all received those gifts where we have to smile enthusiastically on the outside but on the inside we're all "what the what, does this person know me at all!?"  Case in point: all I have wanted for the holidays, essentially every year of my life, is every single episode…

Velvet Crush

Velvet Crush

I have a crush.  You may have noticed.  Yes, I have a crush on Velvet.  Luscious Velvet.  You've seen Velvet on my Instagram, in a previous blog post and now here again.  Velvet does not disappoint!  I think the holidays could have something to do with it – since Velvet brings such richness and warmth to every look.  And darnit! Velvet is sexy. Ok, I'll stop pretending Velvet is a person (if only!).  No, Velvet is the fabulous fabric that I have been donning myself in all holiday season.  There are so many amazing velvet pieces for your holiday dressing, there's no reason you shouldn't also have a crush on Velvet. This low cut velvet dress was the perfect piece to shoot in Chinatown.  Ever since I got back from Japan, I have been wanting to…

High Neck Velvet Midi Dress and Black Friday Sales

Asos velvet midi dress

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I am truly soaking up Thanksgiving this year as it's one of my only days off between now and New Year's Day...so here's to dreaming about 2017!  Since I returned from my Japan trip (I know post coming!) I really got thrown right back into my life in NYC (it is the city that never sleeps right?).  From work, to moving (yay!), to transitioning from fall to winter and then bam: the holidays are upon us.  As a result of all of this, I haven't had much time to post, but I'm hoping, as I start to acclimate to my new place and am not living out of boxes, I'll get back into my posting groove. Today, I’m sharing this ASOS velvet midi dress, which I received a slew of compliments on…

Wine Colored Dresses for Thanksgiving

wine colored dresses

In honor of Throwback Thursday today, I am revisiting a look from a year ago that is the perfect wine colored dress.  With Thanksgiving around the corner it's the perfect opportunity to introduce those rich wine colors like red, garnet, maroon, and bordeaux into your wardrobe.  It's a such an exquisite color that works particularly well this time of year. The color is not just rich but it lends itself to rich and intricate fabrications such as: lace, wool, and velvet.  The below dresses are perfect for a casual Thanksgiving or a fancy one...just make sure you let everyone know you match the wine! Here's a couple shots from last year and you can see the entire post here! Photos by Andrew Morales. Shop more wine colored dresses: [show_lookbook_widget id="317236"]