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Come Face the Wild with Chiara Ferragni and SK-II

Chiara Ferragni

Fashion blogger and celebrity Chiara Ferragni has teamed up with National Geographic and SK-II to take on some of the most rugged places in the world. The beauty that awaits them is not just external but internal as well.  Chiara is putting her skin to the test in this arid desert by using SK-II's Essence Facial Treatment.  SK-II uses a special ingredient called Pitera that helps the skin with its radiance and firmness.  SK- II offers luxurious skin care products that are extremely effective and will help Chiara survive in the arid desert. As a blogger and young professional living and working in New York City, I've faced my own set of wild elements.  Many fondly call NYC "The Concrete Jungle" because you have to push through the challenges of crowds of people, small spaces, humidity, snow,…

6 Things to Know Before You Visit Tokyo


Tokyo feels like a giant arcade game that you navigate via small streets that eventually lead to massive pedestrian crossings complete with flashing neon signs in the backdrop.  Tokyo is discrete and flashy all at the same time and yes Tokyo is very accurately portrayed by Lena Dunham on her HBO's show GIRLS.  In Tokyo (and most of Japan), a small unassuming restaurant -- tucked behind a curtain -- is easily situated next to a ramen joint with a flashy sign procuring its dishes of sushi and ramen.  There is so much vibrancy and activity in Tokyo it's hard to know what to do and where to start and what customs to follow locally. So I put together a list of 6 thing to know before you visit Tokyo and a video with 6 things…

5 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Blog

5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Blog

Spring Cleaning isn't just for your home or closet but it can certainly be applied to your blog as well!  Sorry I have been on a bit of a posting hiatus but I have actually been doing some blog spring cleaning of my own.  Since starting my blog in March 2013 (wow exactly 4 years ago) I have given the interface a few facelifts and lived in two cities!  I started my blog in San Francisco and about a year and a half later moved myself and the blog to New York City.  What I've noticed about blogging over the years is that you as a person don't just evolve but so does your blog.  As I continue to freshen up and renew My Stiletto Life, I'm sharing with you 5 easy ways to freshen…