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Lessons from my Early Thirties

lessons from my thirties

Last Thursday was my 33rd birthday and it was truly a memorable one – actually one of the best I've had in a long time and I am including my birthday weekend in that summation (everyone celebrates their birthday through the weekend right?!). Apparently, the number 33 is a "Master Number," which carries quite a bit of weight.  You're meant to expand your consciousness and to live to a greater ideal.  With that said, every year does have me wondering aka expanding my consciousness and looking for more meaning in my life.   And since I am so wise at the ripe age of 33 (ha!), I thought I would expound upon some lessons from my early thirties. {Photos by Sandy Leshner} Having it all is a figment of the imagination Having it all is…

5 Differences Between NYC and LA


Since moving to LA, the main question I get asked is: "What are the main differences between NYC and LA?"  And I usually respond: what do you mean?  They're so samesies....ummm NOT!  I lived in LA when attending college at UCLA but at that point of my life I had never lived anywhere besides CA, so I didn't have much to compare LA to (aside from Northern California, which draws many of its own differences).   Since I have lived a majority of my adult life in NYC and I am now trying my hand at LA, I started to notice some, let's call them, "interesting" differences between NYC and LA.  So here they are: 5 differences between NYC and LA. When the Side Hustle is the Main Hustle The NYC hustle usually consists of people…