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NYC Photo Diary

While in NYC I brunched, shopped, attended a slew of events, met some great people, and saw friends.  It was an amazing trip and aside from capturing my NYC street style, I wanted to share my candid pictures that were taken during various moments of the trip. Brunch at Cafe Gitane.  Nail color is 'Steel' by RGB. Brunch at Walter's in Brooklyn, coffee and some work time at my old haunt: Cafe Minerva. Cab selfies with my host and friend Sharon and a solo cab selfie. (Order: Top to bottom, left to right.) As highlighted in my previous posts, I had many fashion week events and adventures and here is a collage of some of those moments starting with Lincoln Center where NYFW lives.  Models at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show.   My…

The Perfect Latte by Tracy Friden

Besides frolicking in the CT countryside, as you can see in my most recent post: Barefoot Connecticut, I also always get treated to a homemade latte by Tracy!  Here is her process through photos (by me)!   Tracy's coffee latte machine is one of a kind as well and not to mention her perfect coffee mug she uses!  Her kitchen style is a vision from Pottery Barn! All you coffee lovers, rejoice!