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Have you Tried a Flagel?


First there was the cronut: a hybrid of a donut and a croissant. People came far and wide to try cronuts at the trendiest places in New York City. Now there is another twist on your average breakfast item and it’s called the flagel: a flattened bagel. The Daily News, hails the flagel as much more fun to say than "bagel" and in general the writer views it as an upgrade to the bagel. However, I’m not so convinced. I started to see the flagel pop up at bagel shops in NYC and I quickly realized it was just a flattened bagel: same old bagel, different shape. Still intrigued, I tried one myself and was very much disappointed. I felt the flagel fell flat (and not just in shape!). I do appreciate that it…

Find me in Florence (and Bologna!)


Florence and Bologna: two cities with relative propinquity to one another are the perfect cities to experience together.  My trip was enriched by a stay in both. Above the stunning Duomo, which serves as a compass for the city: if you're ever lost, look for a bit of the Duomo peeking through an alley or above you in the sky and you'll find your way! As I finish off my Italy trip posts, you'll find me in Florence and Bologna.  Bologna is a lesser frequented Italian city known for originating bologna meat, mortadella (a personal favorite of mine), a thriving University, and its own leaning towers! (Who needs Pisa!)  It's one of those cities that you could see yourself living in without an overflow of tourist: a perfect city to study abroad or enjoy a pure Italian life.…

Sailing through Venice

Lovers + Friends Top

Want to feel as if you've entered into a fairy tale?  Go to Venice!  Not Venice, California (although that can be fun if you're into salads and juice and yoga pants), but Venice, Italy! This was my first visit to this magical town that is toured by foot or boat but not car.  The minute you leave the train station (which is the only place in Venice that feels non-magical) you feel enchanted.  Upon arrival you get yourself a water taxi or boat to get to your destination.  The water taxis are a bit on the pricey side but worth it for the private ride through the canals. There is so much to take in from the minute you're on the taxi: the water, the architecture, the gondolas!  Once you arrive to your destination…

A Taste of Italy Tourism

Italy Tourism

Ciao Bellos!  I'm back from my trip to Italy (which you probably found out about if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat)!  I have a lot of photos to sift through and I am excited to create all posts for you from what I wore, to what I ate, to where I toured.  So this is a preview of my trip in photos and much more to come! Enjoy! My first day in Rome, enjoying some wine in the Piazza Navona. What else but the magnificent Trevi Fountain in Rome! A delicious pizza in Florence plus an aperol spritz! Strolling Trastevere wearing: Club Monaco (top), Ariztia (shorts), Tory Burch (shoes), Loft (purse). A quiet little corner in Venice. This is just a sneak peek at some of the pictures from Italy...much more to…

My Stiletto Bites

My Stiletto Bites

Taking pictures of food seems to have become second nature to me so I decided to dedicate an entire Instagram feed just to my food photos!  My food Instagram is: My Stiletto Bites and I like to say: my stilettos don't bite but I do! Here's a peek at some of the recent ones I've posted: Some homemade banana bread courtesy of my roomie! Leftover pizza turned into breakfast with an egg topped on top! When I visited Montreal, I tried a couple different kinds of poutine and I sampled this one with some beer! The sushi burrito is the latest craze in fancy fast food -- I picked this one up at the Urban Space market near Grand Central. Make sure to follow along, so you can see all my food pictures in real-time: @mystilettobites!