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A Taste of Italy Tourism

Italy Tourism

Ciao Bellos!  I'm back from my trip to Italy (which you probably found out about if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat)!  I have a lot of photos to sift through and I am excited to create all posts for you from what I wore, to what I ate, to where I toured.  So this is a preview of my trip in photos and much more to come! Enjoy! My first day in Rome, enjoying some wine in the Piazza Navona. What else but the magnificent Trevi Fountain in Rome! A delicious pizza in Florence plus an aperol spritz! Strolling Trastevere wearing: Club Monaco (top), Ariztia (shorts), Tory Burch (shoes), Loft (purse). A quiet little corner in Venice. This is just a sneak peek at some of the pictures from Italy...much more to…

My Stiletto Bites

My Stiletto Bites

Taking pictures of food seems to have become second nature to me so I decided to dedicate an entire Instagram feed just to my food photos!  My food Instagram is: My Stiletto Bites and I like to say: my stilettos don't bite but I do! Here's a peek at some of the recent ones I've posted: Some homemade banana bread courtesy of my roomie! Leftover pizza turned into breakfast with an egg topped on top! When I visited Montreal, I tried a couple different kinds of poutine and I sampled this one with some beer! The sushi burrito is the latest craze in fancy fast food -- I picked this one up at the Urban Space market near Grand Central. Make sure to follow along, so you can see all my food pictures in real-time: @mystilettobites!

Weekend Trips: Montreal

Weekend Trips Montreal

With the warm weather upon us weekend trips are the perfect antidote to the stressful work week and the routine of your day-to-day life.  I took it upon myself to take a mini trip to Montreal to experience some authentic French Canadian vibes, lots of poutine, and generally take in some Canadian living! So after visiting, I really am understanding just how French it is and I feel a little inept that I didn't realize that beforehand.  French is the first language and a friendly bartender informed me that business establishments there actually have to greet all customers in French first: it's a law! I believe the main reason for that is not because the general public does not speak English as well as French but more to keep the french language and culture…

Stop in to Speedy Romeo

Speedy Romeo

I had a particularly delicious experience last week eating at Speedy Romeo. You may know of its flagship restaurant in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill which is now one of a few hip eateries in the bustling neighborhood. It also happens to be Ray’s coffee shop on Girls where Lena Dunham’s character: Hannah, has been known to throw a tantrum (or two), roll around naked on the seating, and compare herself to perfection (self-proclaimed of course!).  So if you are remembering the no lids controversy of this season then you know Ray’s! Speedy Romeo is known for its unique pizza (however it does boast a menu filled with non-pizza items as well!).  Just a couple weeks ago they opened their doors in the Lower East Side (a much more desirable location for the Manhattanites!) and it was game-on for moi! Speedy Romeo owners Todd…

Simple Dinner Recipe

Simple Dinner Recipe

I'm so excited to post my first simple cooking recipe!  As you probably have noticed a lot of my content has moved into food (which you can see on my Instagram and in my last post (Instafood).  So to end out this week, I thought I'd share a super simple dinner recipe that I made for myself (literally just made -- you can see the behind the scenes on my Snapchat for the next 24 hours -- handle is mystilettolife). So I took a little walk up to Whole Foods.  Side note: yes, I walked to Whole Foods, which was 20 blocks! And for people who don't know me, I don't like to walk: so that is a big deal for me.  In any event, I took a stroll on a sunny and warm…