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High Neck Velvet Midi Dress and Black Friday Sales

Asos velvet midi dress

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I am truly soaking up Thanksgiving this year as it's one of my only days off between now and New Year's Day...so here's to dreaming about 2017!  Since I returned from my Japan trip (I know post coming!) I really got thrown right back into my life in NYC (it is the city that never sleeps right?).  From work, to moving (yay!), to transitioning from fall to winter and then bam: the holidays are upon us.  As a result of all of this, I haven't had much time to post, but I'm hoping, as I start to acclimate to my new place and am not living out of boxes, I'll get back into my posting groove. Today, I’m sharing this ASOS velvet midi dress, which I received a slew of compliments on…

Wine Colored Dresses for Thanksgiving

wine colored dresses

In honor of Throwback Thursday today, I am revisiting a look from a year ago that is the perfect wine colored dress.  With Thanksgiving around the corner it's the perfect opportunity to introduce those rich wine colors like red, garnet, maroon, and bordeaux into your wardrobe.  It's a such an exquisite color that works particularly well this time of year. The color is not just rich but it lends itself to rich and intricate fabrications such as: lace, wool, and velvet.  The below dresses are perfect for a casual Thanksgiving or a fancy one...just make sure you let everyone know you match the wine! Here's a couple shots from last year and you can see the entire post here! Photos by Andrew Morales. Shop more wine colored dresses: [show_lookbook_widget id="317236"]  

That Off the Shoulder Top

off the shoulder top

   You may have noticed that the off the shoulder trend is one that fashion mavens cannot get enough of. It really is an adorable and sexy trend that transitions well into fall and winter looks as well. There are plenty of sweater and long sleeve options that are perfect for the cooler months. The particular off the should top I’m wearing (at a great price!) works well for summer, fall and winter. In these fall months, adding a colorful and chunky scarf is the perfect solution to cover up a bit. Considering you will probably be indoors most of the time when wearing this, I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about covering up. I created a more casual look by pairing it with denim and simple stilettos and the Flatiron…

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Still thinking over that Halloween costume? Well I have some fun ideas that are only a few clicks away. Why not try a Disney character? Snow White – I was her last year and all you need to add to this costume is an apple (from the kitchen) and a pair of red stilettos (from your closet!). Dorothy Mary Poppins Go on trend: be political! Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – there should be a slew of those this year! Thnk outside the box: Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch as a duo. Ivanka and her brothers. Nov. 8th ballot (filled in with your vote). Gary Johnson – What is Aleppo? Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Sean Hannity Movie Characters: Geena Davis or Tom Hanks from A League of Their own. Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. Tom…

Shana Tova and My Next Adventure!


Shana Tova and happy 5777!  It happens to be Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish new year: an amazing time to reflect on the past year and think forward to the next.  The rabbi leading my congregation today asked: "Who is ready to leave 5776 behind and start 5777?!"  I found this question to be more complicated than it appeared.  Many people were eager to move forward from this past year, some were indifferent and others weren't interested in moving forward. It's a complicated question for sure and there is not a simple answer.  The rabbi asked more in jest than anything else but it got me thinking: was I ready for the next year?  I must say I'm excited to move on but satisfied with my past year.  I fulfilled a lot of…