Biscuits and Gravy Recipe

As I mentioned in “Holiday Gift Ideas” post last week — I had a little holiday gathering last Sunday and made a delicious holiday meal of biscuits and gravy.  This dish happens to be a memorable childhood recipe I used to make with a friend of mine and it has always stuck with me (probably because it’s super easy to make and when it comes to cooking I like fast and tasty!).    Since it’s such a cozy and simple meal to have over the holidays I thought I’d share the delicious biscuits and gravy recipe with you as you may want to have this as part of your holiday festivities.

biscuits and gravy recipe

biscuits and gravy recipe

Biscuits and Gravy Recipe



I use the premade Pillsbury Doughboy flaky ones.  Because as mentioned, I like to keep things fast and simple!

Crumbled Sausage

Get the fatty kind, it’s the holidays!

Whole Milk or Whipping Cream

If you use whipping cream you may want to dilute it a bit with water.


Salt and Pepper

Cooking Instructions:

Start to fry crumbled sausage in a large skillet (I have this pan and it’s perfect when cooking for large groups!).

As the sausage is close to being cooked, start to mix in the milk and flour as needed (depending on how much gravy you want, you can add more or less).  Continue to stir as the milk and flour thickens.  Add salt and pepper as needed!

While cooking the gravy, set the oven to 350 degrees and when ready, bake the biscuits for about 15 minutes (I prefer them golden brown).

Now plate, serve, and enjoy!

{All the ingredients are linked above to shop the recipe.}

I’m also still doing some last minute holiday shopping — I’ve never been one to do all my shopping way ahead of time so here are some great gifts I’m looking at from retailers having great sales!

Happy Holidays!

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