How to Wear Bras that are Meant to be Seen

If you haven’t noticed, bras are not just bras anymore…they are bras that are meant to be seen:  fashion pieces.  More and more brands are making bras not just to serve their basic function (support) but also to add a little something extra to an outfit.  I have taken this trend head on for the last couple of years as you can see in some of my other looks where my bra was a main component in the outfit.  More recently Boohoo sent me this adorable mesh bodysuit (another trend I have taken on with full force as well) and it’s completely transparent.  So you have to have the right bra to wear with it to make sure it adds to the look.  I just so happen to work in the bra industry so I have seen my fair share of bra styles and this army green (a hot color in the market) lace bra was the perfect match.  If you take a look at one of the detail shots you can see that it has lace scalloping as well as some decorative bows.  I also like that the color is subtle and doesn’t fight with the black of the bodysuit.  So you think you can’t wear a completely see through bodysuit and show off that bra?  Think again!  A few tips for pulling off looks with bras:

Pick a transparent top (as I’ve done here).

Wear a low cut strappy top with a bra or bralette that has some extra detailing at the top, and style it so it peeks out and is part of the look.

A top or dress with a deep v-neck is the perfect way to show off your bralette — see my look here!

A back less top can also show off details of the back of an intricate bra.

Take a look at how I styled my look here and for some bras that are meant to be seen.

bras that are meant to be seen

bras that are meant to be seen

bras that are meant to be seen

{Photos by Andrew Morales.}

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