Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Still thinking over that Halloween costume? Well I have some fun ideas that are only a few clicks away.

Halloween Costume

Why not try a Disney character?

Snow White – I was her last year and all you need to add to this costume is an apple (from the kitchen) and a pair of red stilettos (from your closet!).


Mary Poppins

Go on trend: be political!

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – there should be a slew of those this year!

Thnk outside the box: Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch as a duo.

Ivanka and her brothers.

Nov. 8th ballot (filled in with your vote).

Gary Johnson – What is Aleppo?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Sean Hannity

Movie Characters:

Geena Davis or Tom Hanks from A League of Their own.

Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.

Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Halloween Costume

My friend Ari was Jane Lane from Daria last year — also not a bad option!

And this year…what are your guesses as to what I’ll be for Halloween?  Hint: it has something to do with my most recent trip to Japan!


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