Shana Tova and My Next Adventure!


Shana Tova and happy 5777!  It happens to be Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish new year: an amazing time to reflect on the past year and think forward to the next.  The rabbi leading my congregation today asked: “Who is ready to leave 5776 behind and start 5777?!”  I found this question to be more complicated than it appeared.  Many people were eager to move forward from this past year, some were indifferent and others weren’t interested in moving forward. It’s a complicated question for sure and there is not a simple answer.  The rabbi asked more in jest than anything else but it got me thinking: was I ready for the next year?  I must say I’m excited to move on but satisfied with my past year.  I fulfilled a lot of my personal and professional goals and also have expounded on them: setting myself up for the upcoming year.

For instance, one of my new year’s resolutions from a couple of years ago was to start traveling more in order to experience new places, people, share my travel tips and my journey with people.  I have traveled quite a bit since I was young with my family and then on my own: studying abroad in Spain (with weekend trips throughout Europe) and then later trips to Israel and Argentina.  Around 2012, I took a bit of a break from traveling, aside from some domestic trips and as 2014 came to an end, I started to realize that travel was a hobby I wanted to pick up again.

My Stiletto Life was well underway and I was heavy into style and beauty content but I was intent on expanding.   Incorporating exciting travel content was quickly becoming an interest of mine.  So I started my re-entry into travel  finding the time to go somewhere new at anytime I could and I’ve kept my promise to myself.  In the last two years, I have traveled back to Europe: London and Berlin, then to Canada: Montreal (and of course I could not get enough of Prince George and Princess Charlotte when they were just there) and more recently I traveled to Rome, Bologna, Florence and Venice.

My Next Adventure…

So…now is the start of another new year and I’m on to another adventure that is truly reinvigorating my sense of wanderlust.  I’m off to Japan!  I’m planning stays in Tokyo and Kyoto and I am a ball of excitement.




(Wearing: similar top here, skirt: similar here and here.)

Is Japan ready for My Stiletto Life?!

Do you think I’ll fit in?  I do love selfie sticks and have a penchant for grandiose places…

I’ve done my fair share of research so far but of course I won’t fully understand what it’s like until I’m there but I’m already looking forward to a few things:

  1. The food!  Of course I have made food a large part of my blog (I even started a foodie Instagram to keep up with my proclivity for food pictures), so I can’t wait to see what Japan has to offer.  Get ready for lots of ramen, fresh sushi, and random Japanese snacks.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing some food tours!

2. I’m excited to see how the people live there.  Tokyo seems like a modern city with all the hustle and bustle of NYC but with traditional and ancient values.  I’m curious to see how they mix new world with old world.

3. I’m very interested in Kyoto and the Geisha culture.  After reading the book Memoirs of a Geisha and recalling that it took place in Kyoto (where the art/profession of the Geisha originated) I’ve been curious to explore that city.

4. I’m excited to meet new people, that’s one of my favorite activities while traveling.  It’s one of the only times you’re uninhibited and truly open to new experiences.

Alright do you have the travel bug yet?!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@mystilettolife) and Facebook for live updates of my trip.  Also, I’d love suggestions for places to eat, drink, shop, and tour in Tokyo and Kyoto…leave any suggestions below!

Photos by Steph Jensen.

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