Best Brunch in NYC

Brunch: an activity that is heralded world-wide!  I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy and partake in this gluttonous activity.  Aside from distracting from productivity, brunch has many other qualities I admire:

  1.  Day drinking is widely accepted during brunch: Blood Mary’s, Mimosas, and champagne are the perfect brunch  accouterments.
  2.  Brunch always provides the best Instagram opportunities.  (And we know it’s all about the Instagram: follow my brunch trials and  tribulations: @mystilettolife.)
  3. Monday-Friday I reserve my eating to smaller portions and just one option (within a meal).  During a weekend or day-off brunch however, I find it completely acceptable to order the avo toast, an eggy dish, and a side of waffles or pancakes.  Let’s be real: you need that sweet and savory mix!
  4. I like to compare brunch to Passover: on this day(s) thou shall recline and relax.  Brunch is the perfect excuse to recline, while taking in a long meal.
  5. Brunch encourages you to get out there and try a new place!  I use brunch as a way to explore a new neighborhood and restaurant; it’s even a great way to meet some new people.  I always start a conversation with a fellow bruncher.

These are just a few of my main talking points when it comes to brunch.  As I mentioned, Instagram is a great place to post food photos (and people go nutty over them!).  I’ve found some great brunch spots from other people’s posts and I love to click around the ‘gram to find a new food place.

Hope you like my little brunch round up below!

Best Brunch NYC Cafe Minerva

Cafe Minerva: for a quick bite, while in The West Village, stop by this quaint cafe for a simple omelette, an iced coffee, and some people watching.


12 Chairs:  this Israeli restaurant, in the West Village and Williamsburg, boasts a tasty menu for brunch.  I opted for the Shakshuka, a dish I have had in Israel, and it was a divine.  I say add the feta and try the Williamsburg location for the lovely decor.

Best Brunch NYC

The Smile: I absolutely love this restaurant!  I celebrated my birthday here back in January and enjoy brunch here from time to time.  The dinner and lunch menus are amazing and brunch is equally delicious.  I had to go for the waffles on this one occasion, mostly because the colors of the syrup and the cream were so pretty, but I also happened to have a sweet tooth that morning.  Get a side of sausages to get that savory fix!


Dudley’s:  this place is one of my favorite brunch places to date!  Tucked away in the Lower East Side it has the best pancakes and some delectable fries. The brunch above was particularly delicious with Bloody Mary’s, avo toast (add egg and salmon, duh) and the pancakes that have crispy edges and fluffy insides: perfection!

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