“Summer Dreaming on such a Winter’s Day”

With the recent and (might I add) fast change from Fall to Winter it made me nostalgic for warmer (and happier?!?! ha) times. I found these two shots that my wonderful friend Erin Sullivan took when we were in the Hamptons this summer. I find it quite exciting that this outfit can easily morph into a winter ensemble. The dress ends about mid-calf and I wore it with sandal wedges (clearly summer attire). All I need to do is throw on a pair of tights, add closed toed shoes and you’ve got your winter look…oh and good thing cocktails transcend seasons. That accessory will never got out of style ; )
P.S. The chunky purple amethyst necklace is a very special piece that my mom made! As most of you know she’s an expert when it comes to jewelry stones and pearls!

Dress: Vince, Sweater: Independent Designer. Belt: J. Crew. Necklace: Amy Adelson. Purse: Botkier. Cocktail: Rushmeyer’s (Montauk…check out their trendy restaurant in Chinatown: The Fat Radish).

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  • Jen December 5, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Crazy loving this outfit! Also…take me to the Hamptons