“It’s not French, it’s Parisian”

About 2 months ago I was shopping at Bloomies with high hopes of finding a chambray over shirt when I ran into the in-store Maje/Sandro boutique. I had heard of the brand before I had seen the clothes and had a feeling that I may like it-and wow was that feeling spot on! I couldn’t keep my hands off any of the clothes and I clearly wanted to try everything on and buy everything I saw (a common issue I have when shopping). On my way into the dressing room I casually asked the sales associate to confirm that this brand hailed from France. Her response: “It’s Parisian.” That was rich. I suddenly felt like the hotel receptionist in the final episode of “Sex and the City” when Carrie retorts “I’m a new Yorker” in return to his question: “Are you an American?” Well, since Paris is the New York of France I suppose I’ll let that woman’s comment slide and the Maje/Sandro Collection is indeed a wonderful gift from those Frenchies. I’d say it ranks up there with Louboutins and Lady Liberty.
To add to my excitement of finding this delectable surprise at Bloomies I noticed on my way home that Maje/Sandro is opening up their first U.S. store a measly few blocks from my apartment: trouble. This was a couple months ago and every day I would walk by seeing the construction going on (see first picture). Just this week on my way home from the gym, I do my standard walk by of the store and instead of construction and boards I see glorious lights shining through large windows and clothes! Beautiful clothes filling those windows. I was taken aback. I couldn’t help myself and I had to go in the store. I have only been in Sandro so far and they have a plethora of winter white tight fitting dress, orange casual tops, corduroy leggings (a new twist that I love), and so much more. Their blouses are divine; their dresses a dream. As Rachel Zoe would say: Bananas.

Picture 1: Maje/Sandro store in the works
Picture 2: A gift from the fashion gods. Maje/Sandro store facade (it’s finally here).
Picture 3: My beige Sandro dress

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